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Manhunter's Mountain(Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles)

Manhunter's Mountain(Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles) - Wayne D. Dundee I prefer the character of Cash to Miles. Just to make it clear this preference has nothing to do with the writing: this preference came out in my reading of Vol1 of the Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles, which all written by Edward A. Grainger. In fairness to Miles he could probably have done all the things Cash did in this novella – except, being black, he might not have made it out of the remote mining town alive.This novella sees Cash riding into a remote town on the trail of a wanted man. The town is remote, in the mountains, and many trails are closed off by the snow. It’s a gritty and enjoyable tale. There are a fair few moments where it looks like Cash won’t survive the town itself. His escape is made with the town’s two remaining whores (the only women in town): something the town’s folk – rough and ready silver miners – are not too pleased about. A few of them decide they are going to tack Cash down and bring the women back. If that wasn’t bad enough a bounty hunter turns up and he is after the same man Cash has in his custody. Now it looks like Cash Laramie is standing between one of the nastiest bounty hunters around and his bounty. Add to this the mountains in winter and you have the elements of Manhunter’s Mountain. It’s a great little tale – as is Miles From Little Ridge by Heath Lowrance.