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The Tell-tale Body on the Plaine Monceau

The Tell-tale Body on the Plaine Monceau - Léo Malet That’s it with Nestor Burma and the New Mysteries of Paris. One more of these books has been translated into English but I haven’t been able to find a copy.This one involves a murder and suicide. Leading to the discovery of another body, the kidnap and murder of a woman, and the death of an old lady via a trap.The books from the later '50s are not as good as the ones from the late ’40s but they are worth a read. I like the voice of Nestor Burma – his general attitude and his background. The same can be said of Léo Malet – Surrealist poet who turned to writing American style detective novels during the occupation of Paris. He then decided to stop setting the books in the USA and base them in Paris with a French detective… and French Noir was born – or should it be French Black?