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A Wrinkle in the Skin

A Wrinkle in the Skin - John Christopher British Sci-Fi survivor novel – first published 1965. It’s a format I enjoy and John Christopher is good at it – HG Wells pretty much invented this sub-genre and Christopher turned it into the format we know now. With HG Wells it is about forming a better world after the destruction of the old. With Christopher it is about lowest common denominators, gangs getting together being told what to do by the most brutal of leaders. Intelligence is no match for force – in the short term at least. Longer term they thoughtful, if they are still alive, may have the chance to establish themselves.In this book the earth is hit by a series of earthquakes – the English Channel is now more. The hero is living in Guernsey at the time of the quakes. The story is his story as he learns to adapt to the new, post-quake, world.This book is good but if you haven’t read it The Death of Grass, also by John Christopher, is probably better.